Published by Cobram Courier online on December 13, 2013.

This article also appeared in print on December 11.


A former Cobram canine has gone from rags to riches after being rescued from Moira Shire municipal pound.

‘‘Lazlo’’ was rescued in August last year by non-profit group Victorian Dog Rescue.

The grey Pomeranian will soon be Mr January in the Victorian Dog Rescue’s 2014 fundraising calendar.

Victorian Dog Rescue president Trisha Taylor said about two dozen rescued dogs and cats appeared in the calendars each year.

The calendars not only raise money for the group’s rescue work, but also show people rescued animals make great pets.

‘‘The perception is that there’s something wrong with the dogs in the pound,’’ Ms Taylor said.

‘‘There isn’t; they just need a chance.’’

Moira Shire Council records show a total of 234 dogs and 264 cats spent time in the municipal pound during the year to April 2013.

The records also show a total of 72 dogs and 234 cats were euthanised during that period.

By contrast, just 34 dogs and 23 cats were rehoused.

Ms Taylor hoped success stories, like Lazlo’s, would reduce the stigma of adopting pound pets.

‘‘He was one of the early dogs we rescued at the Cobram pound,’’ she said.

‘‘He’s got a very nasty split in his tongue and we still don’t know what happened to him.

‘‘But even in the pound he was a happy boy.

‘‘He has the best nature and a positive outlook on life.’’

Ms Taylor said Lazlo was happily living in Bendigo with his new family.

But like many rescued pets, she said Lazlo’s troubled past meant he sometimes required special care.

‘‘He’s a bit frightened of the vacuum cleaner,’’ she said.

‘‘When he sees his person vacuming, he picks up all his toys and runs out through the doggy door as fast as he can.

‘‘And he hides initially under the table when visitors arrive, but he soon comes out and plays.

‘‘So there is some residual angst there.’’

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AuthorToni Brient