Published by Shepparton News in print and online on 5 December, 2013.


Shepparton’s Taylah Lloyd became the envy of young girls across Australia on Monday night, after meeting pop sensation Justin Bieber.

Taylah won a competition run by an international Justin Bieber fan club last week to meet the Canadian superstar before his concert at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne.

‘‘It was just amazing,’’ she said.

The compeition required fans to send a photo of themselves with their Justin Bieber accessories. Taylah’s photo, capturing her posters in the background, showed her wearing a Bieber hat and shirt while clutching Bieber books, CDs and perfume.

She also held a Justin Bieber doll her mother Megan Lloyd bought in the United States. But Taylah, 11, can say she has hugged the star himself and has a special new picture to add to her collection.

‘‘She got to say hello to him, had a hug and a group photo, and then a photo just with her,’’ Mrs Lloyd said.

‘‘I think it hit her once she sat down.

‘‘She was just in shock when it happened.

‘‘She just sat there absolutely bewildered.’’

The Kialla West Primary School student was speechless about her experience.

But Mrs Lloyd was clear the excitement still had not worn off.

‘‘I haven’t stopped hearing about it at home,’’ she said.

Taylah said she had been a Bieber fan for several years and this was her second time seeing the star perform live.

AuthorToni Brient