Published by mojo on 1 September, 2013.  


There is climate change, but human action is not the cause, and governments should know better, says the Climate Sceptics Party. For a start, the party wants all parliamentarians tested for maths and science knowledge.


“All this whole thing about climate change has highlighted a whole lot of things about the inefficiencies in the current state of our civilization,” says Chris Dawson, the No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics party’s Victorian Senate candidate. 

Despite its name, the party, registered with the Australian Electoral Commission since June 2010, does not deny the existence of climate change.

“I’m not sceptical the climate is changing,” says Dawson, who has a Master’s degree in engineering from Swinburne University of Technology and founded the Lord Monckton Foundation, which promotes and supports Lord Monckton’s views.

“There’s always been change. What I am sceptical about is that there is a cause for climate change; it’s not human-induced. Or, to put it more accurately, the extent to which it is human-induced is immeasurable.”

According to Dawson, it is not a single-issue party, but rather one that views climate action as a catalyst for many of the world’s contemporary problems.

It calls for a review of all current scientific and economic policy (particularly environment and climate action policy), the eradication of many government departments (especially climate action departments), and the privatisation of bodies and projects such as the nation broadband network and NBN Co.

Dawson suggests Australia’s head of state should be a “sober, full-blood Aboriginal”.

The party holds other unconventional platforms, including that Australian membership of international bodies should be subject to referendum, and that parliamentarians undergo mandatory science and mathematics testing, since many are “illiterate” in those disciplines, Dawson says.

He has engaged in debate with many elected MPs, including Opposition climate spokesman Greg Hunt.

According to Dawson, the bigger parties’ climate policies are aimed at political ends, not scientific ones, with the result that “the facts” are silenced.

“There are a number of (politicians) who think the whole thing is a scam. They’ve only gone ahead and gone through with (climate action) because it’s popular: it got the votes.”

Dawson says “the sociopaths all joining together at the United Nations” fabricated human-induced climate change to manipulate the masses and gain power.

“There’s no evidence that there’s CO2 linked to any change in climate, and there’s plenty of evidence that there’s political machinations going on at the UN to try and gain control over the industrial development of the world,” he says.

He points to the notion of a global carbon market as an example of political manipulation.

“It’s designed to stop the Third World taking up cheap energy and encouraging them to take up sustainable energy. It’s all in line to control the world’s population, because the theory is that we can’t have a world population all living a Western lifestyle because we’ll be ‘polluting’.”

He says all climate action policy has a malevolent purpose.

“It’s basically a manifesto to send most of us into some sort of subservient subsistence. If you assume that there’s no such thing as people conspiring against you and against Australians, then you’ve got rocks in your head.”


AuthorToni Brient