The following articles by Toni Brient were published online by Monash University in its student publication mojo


'The Minors': The Lamington Party

September 3, 2013.

They’re not registered for this year’s federal election and they have no candidates, but they still want voters’ attention. The party is on the campaign trail, and the issue is funding. 

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'The Minors': Spoilt for choice

September 2, 2013.

With a week to go to the federal election, 54 political parties are officially vying for your vote, with at least a third so new they’ve only been registered since July. Some have been profiled already in mojo, and here is a brief look at what the rest of the minor parties stand for*. 

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'The Minors': No Carbon Tax Climate Skeptics

September 1, 2013.

There is climate change, but human action is not the cause, and governments should know better, says the Climate Sceptics Party. For a start, the party wants all parliamentarians tested for maths and science knowledge.

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'The Minors': Carer's Alliance

August 27, 2013.

People with disabilities are the main - but not the only – item on the agenda  for a party that thinks everyone is entitled to a fair go. 

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'The Minors': Smokers' Rights Party

August 20, 2013.

It’s only been a political party for a few weeks, but the Smokers’ Rights Party says it speaks for anyone who feels victimised by government rules.

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'The Minors': Australian Sex Party

August 13, 2013.

The Australian Sex Party is attracting a rising number of voters disenchanted with the major parties’  views on civil liberties and human rights issues such as drug use, sex education, homosexuality and asylum seekers. This article continues mojo’s series about minor and niche parties running in the 2013 Federal Election. 

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'The Minor' series: Senators Online

August 2, 2013.

This article is the second in mojo‘s series about minor and niche parties running in the 2013 Federal Election. Senators Online will allow its constituents to have their say on issues debated in Parliament by voting online. The party says it will change the way Australia’s political system works.

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Putting the minor parties under the microscope

July 24, 2013.

With Labor going back to the future with the reinstatement of Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister, attention will be almost firmly focused on the major political parties. However, it’s on the fringes that some of the more interesting battles – and candidates – will feature. From next week, mojo’s Toni Brient runs the magnifying glass over these parties, but firstly do they actually stand a chance in an election expected to sway heavily in favour of the Coalition?

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To vote or not to vote?

May 28, 2013.

With a federal election looming, journalists will again face the dilemma of whether casting a valid vote compromises their quest to maintain objective reporting.

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