Issimo Magazine's The Cocktail Hour  with Indiana Jones (Stephen Hall).

18 September, 2013. 

Toni Brient meets Melbourne's own Indiana Jones portrayed by Stephen Hall in a show for the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2013. Read the accompanying article at:

Monash University Video Journalism assignment: Dog Walking Review

20 September, 2013. 

Dog Walking Review from Toni Brient on Vimeo.

INTRO: Holiday-makers venturing down to the Mornington Peninsula these school holidays are being warned to obey tough new dog walking regulations after it was found the dogs were having a severe environmental impact on endangered birds in a national park. Toni Brient reports.

Monash University Video Journalism assignment: Live Cross

11 October, 2013. 

This is a look live cross completed as part of a Monash University video journalism unit.

NEWSREADER INTRO: A Supreme Court judge is considering ordering the excavation of an old tip site in Frankston to search for the body of teenager Prue Bird who was murdered in 1992. Toni Brient is at the scene, and Toni, police have their doubts that the body is in fact buried there?

Monash University Video Journalism assignment: The Cost of Research

4 November, 2013. 


NEWSREADER INTRO: With the tertiary education sector feeling the pinch from the government tightening it purse strings, one university is looking for alternate methods of research funding. But as it turns out, they’re coming up with more than just money. Toni Brient reports.